Roswell Garden Club Community Projects, Tours and Fundraisers

Tours and Outings

The Roswell Garden Club Members take many tours of local gardens, bothh private and public, and have worked in some private Roswell gardens. The Club organized a local garden tour, including both private and public gardens for National Garden Week in 2007.

The Club takes periodic tours to the State Botanical Gardens in Athens, Georgia and has visited Hills and Dales, gardens in Macon, Georgia, the gardens of Larry Dean, and many other gardens around the state. The Club also takes group trips to local nurseries.

Teas and Fashion Shows

The Club has held tea and fashion shows as fundraisers.

Community Projects

Roswell Square –

In 1951, the Roswell Garden Club (RGC) voted to beautify the Roswell Square, which serves as the center for many civic and cultural events for Roswell's citizens and visitors. Throughout the years, RGC members have planted trees and shrubbery at the Square's six entrances as well as holly trees encircling the center fountain and concert bandstand.

The club was instrumental in the installation of a sprinkler system for the Square and the purchase of two wrought iron benches to enhance the pedestrian walkways. RGC works with the city, which currently maintains the park. RGC members continue to visit the site of the first significant and long-lasting club project.

With the assistance of the City of Roswell, the Roswell Garden Club donated two benches to the newly renovated Roswell Square. RGC has contributed $400 ($175 in 2010) towards the purchase of these benches. The inscription on the first plaque reads– "Roswell Garden Club, Garden Club of the Year 2007, 'Roswell, Ours to Beautify & Conserve!' ", and the second plaque reads- "Roswell, Ours to Beautify & Conserve. -- Roswell Garden Club 2010". The RGC has donated $1,700 towards permanent landscaping in the square.

Roswell Area Park –

This park, located on Woodstock Road, was hit with a natural catastrophe, where approximately 350 trees were destroyed. The RGC donated $450 to cover the cost of replacing a tree.

Other Projects –

The Club has sent toys for the troops to hand out to local children to build good will, has collected gatorade and power bars for the fire fighters in South Georgia, and participates locally in National Garden Week and Arbor Day each year.

national garden week

Live garden baskets were given to city buildings for National Garden Week.

Hills and Daless

"Hills and Dales" tour.