Growing Tomatoes

Do you have long, floppy tomatoes with lots of leaves and no fruit? Strip off the leaves leaving a few at the very top. Withhold water until it wilts enough so the stem can bend. Pull the plant out, twirl the stem in a circular motion like a hose, and immerse the plant into a new pot with just the top sticking out. Cover with good soil mix and water. The plant should rebound and form a great root system in the new pot which should produce some nice fruit.

Garden Tips:  

Do Slugs dine on your Hosta foliage? You can spread the spiney gum balls from the Sweet Gum Tree on the ground under your Hosta. This will deter the slugs.

Would you like to rotate heavy pots to get the sun? Inexpensive Lazy Susan’s can be placed under your pots.

No cost plant stakes are some of the woody branches from your tree pruning. Slip the plastic sleeves from Newspapers over your arms when pulling Poison Ivy.

  • Use Plumbers tape to seal threaded garden hose connections.
  • Collect seeds from hosta, cleome, and other types of seed pods to save for planting next spring.
  • Cut back annuals & fertilize to extend their blooming into the fall.
  • After weeding, place 2-3 inches of mulch.
  • Water in the evenings.