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. . . Ours to Beautify and Conserve

The Roswell Garden Club stays involved in the community through various local projects. The Club also participates in projects that are a part of the Dogwood District and Garden Clubs of Georgia agenda. Click the links to view each page for more information and photos.

Barrington Hall

The RGC continues to maintain the Butterfly Garden and Peach Orchard, as well as any other projects as they are needed on the grounds.

The RGC also maintains the surrounding roadway through the City Adopt-A-Road program.

Community Projects

Current Projects –

  • Community Wildlife Project
  • Garden Club of Georgia Projects
  • Garden Therapy
  • Garden Week in Georgia
  • GCG Scholarship
  • Historic Preservation
  • Litter Control – Adopt – A – Road
  • National Bird Count
  • National Garden Clubs & DSR Projects
  • National Garden Week
  • Natural Disaster Relief
  • Roswell Azalea Festival

Roswell Square

With the assistance of the City of Roswell, the Roswell Garden Club donated two benches to the newly renovated Roswell Square. RGC has contributed $400 ($175 in 2010) towards the purchase of these benches. The inscription on the first plaque reads– “Roswell Garden Club, Garden Club of the Year 2007, ‘Roswell, Ours to Beautify & Conserve!’ “, and the second plaque reads- “Roswell, Ours to Beautify & Conserve. — Roswell Garden Club 2010”. The RGC has donated $1,700 towards permanent landscaping in the square.

Roswell Area Park

This park, located on Woodstock Road, was hit with a natural catastrophe, where approximately 350 trees were destroyed. The RGC donated $450 to cover the cost of replacing a tree.

Holiday Projects

The RGC members decorate throughout the city during the holiday season.

Members decorate the large tree in the foyer of City Hall, the Roswell Convention & Visitors’ Bureau,The Roswell Adult Recreation Center trees and gardens, and the Archibald Smith Plantation home and grounds.

Roswell Adult Rec Center

RGC members maintain the entrance gardens at the Roswell Adult Recreation Center. Our chairman schedules pruning, planting and clean-up days and monitors the gardens throughout the year.

Members also maintain the “Waist High” gardens, keeping it filled with herbs, vegetables and annuals.

Roswell Nursing and Rehab Center

Since 2003 RGC members have donated toiletries, socks, lipstick, hair accessories and magazines to the residents.

In 2009 the RGC members joined another charity organization, The Helping Hats of Roswell, in a joint effort to renovate the courtyard.

These gardens continue to be maintained by members, along with The Helping Hats of Roswell. Pink azalea were planted in the Patio Garden, as well as pink annuals throughout the courtyard in support of the National Garden Club project “Plant it Pink”.

Smith Plantation

The RGC continues the upkeep of the rose garden; deadheading, pruning, spraying and mulching when necessary. Each spring RGC donates annuals and perennials for the Plantation House grounds.

The Club maintains the teak bench the members donated to the rose garden.

The Club also maintains the three tier and kitchen gardens started in 2008. They also maintain a “Plant It Pink” garden that was started on the grounds in 2009 to promote Breast Cancer awareness, with pink tulips, pink daylilies, pink hydrangea and pink daffodils.

Each year, beginning in 2007, the Club participates in Fall Farm Days on Smith Plantation grounds. The Club provides crafts for children and sells lunch and baked goods, as well as decorating for the festival. The Club received the Garden Club of Georgia “Public Relations” trophy for this project in 2008 and 2011.

More information:

National and District Projects:

Garden Club of Georgia Projects

  • Founders Memorial Gardens
  • Garden Week in Georgia
  • Community Tree Canopy
  • Community Water Alert
  • Community Grown: Container Combos and Community Gardens

Deep South Regional Projects

  • Building Membership

National Garden Clubs, Inc. Projects

  • Planting for Public and Special Places
  • Protecting Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Photo Archiving of Accomplishments