Courtyard Gardens at Roswell Nursing & Rehab Center

planning 1

planning the new gardens

planning 2

planning 3

Since 2003 RGC members have donated toiletries, socks, lipstick, hair accessories and magazines to the residents on a monthly basis.

In 2009 the RGC members joined another charity organization, The Helping Hats of Roswell, in a joint effort to renovate the courtyard. Five new garden areas were established and filled with plants from members yards: 1) Meditation Garden, 2) Healing Garden, 3) Patio Garden, 4) Bird & Butterfly Garden and 5) Shade Garden.

These gardens continue to be maintained by members, along with The Helping Hats of Roswell. Pink azalea were planted in the Patio Garden, as well as pink annuals throughout the courtyard in support of the National Garden Club project "Plant it Pink".


Transplanted shrubs and new lilies.


Herb planter.